Tuesday, 3 September 2013

College Show Poster

Poster I created and that was used for our show.
(I do realise there is a tiny mistake on this but I didn't realise until our show so no point in changing it now!)

Where there is a beginning there is an end.

I apologise for not updating this more frequently, but just a little addition, I recently completed my 2-Year Extended Diploma in Art and Design. Safe to say it has been an incredible experience and has totally changed my life, I now feel a lot more comfortable as a person and my head is a lot less of a mess. I achieved Distinction* Distinction* Distinction, which I was genuinely over the moon about I could not have asked for better (well apart from D*D*D* but I just don't have that in me!). I am now moving onto the next steps in life, 16th of September I begin my Higher National Diploma in Graphic Design. I'm thoroughly looking forward to starting this, I already know a few of the people on the course and they're a great bunch so it should be great. That's all for now, it's hard to update this a lot as I don't do an awful lot of work apart from college related things. Attached are pictures of my final show display! I also won Best in Show! A huge honour considering the standard of work! 

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Book Cover - 'I Haven't Lived At All'

Book Cover.
Created for a close friend of mine for her up-coming book; 'I Haven't Lived At All'.
Please visit her Website and her Kickstarter page .
Evelyn Knightley is trying to self-publish this, so any help would be greatly appreciated, please take the time to have a look at her website and pledge on her kickstarter! Every little helps as they say.


Created during my first year of Applied Art GCSE.
Theme of Germs and Viruses.


Skeleton Observation Drawing.
Paying attention to scale.
Pencil on A1 Cartridge Paper.


Life Drawing
Pencil on A1 Cartridge Paper.

Colour Value.

Colour Value.
Acrylic on A1 Cartridge Paper.

Me, Myself, and I.

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Hello, I'm Yazz.
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I enjoy art, books, music, and the alternative.
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